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This project is where I manage my CV. The CVs PDF file is generated using spruce.

Generating the PDF document


  • make: (optional) uses the Makefile to build the PDF.

  • aspell: for spell checking

  • spruce: to generate the the PDF file.

  • conTeXt: to generate the tex file for the PDF generation.

Create the PDF

$ make pdf
spruce generate --input cv.json --output cv-DanAnglin-2023-11-28_12-46.pdf
time=2023-11-28T12:46:12.694Z level=INFO msg="Creating the Tex file."
time=2023-11-28T12:46:12.696Z level=INFO msg="Tex file successfully created." filename=/tmp/cv-builder-91518564/cv.tex
time=2023-11-28T12:46:12.696Z level=INFO msg="Creating the PDF document."
time=2023-11-28T12:46:16.676Z level=INFO msg="PDF document successfully created." filename=/tmp/cv-builder-91518564/cv.pdf
time=2023-11-28T12:46:16.676Z level=INFO msg="File successfully copied." source=/tmp/cv-builder-91518564/cv.pdf destination=cv-DanAnglin-2023-11-28_12-46.pdf