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Hey 👋

Welcome to Code Flow and to my profile. Code Flow is my personal Forge instance where you can find all my personal projects.

My name is Dan and I am a Platform Engineer who enjoys working with Linux, Kubernetes, containerisation and many other infrastructure related technologies. In my spare time I enjoy coding in Go, self managing my own little section of the internet and learning more about HTML and CSS.

Where you can find me

  • Free Flow: My Fediverse profile on my personal GoToSocial instance.
  • Keyoxide: My Keyoxide profile where you can find my OpenPGP key and proofs.
  • GitHub: My GitHub profile used for sponsoring or contributing to projects hosted on GitHub.
  • GitLab: My GitLab profile.

Personal projects

These are the projects that I am actively working on.

You can explore all my publicly available projects here.